In the present market highly competitive market, it is necessary that the organization need to be able to control their operating expenses and at the same time, need achieve their target set up by the board of management.
With these constrains, the outsourcing business is widely in high demand. Many organizations began to shift not only their time consuming recruitment process but also the complicated legal responsibilities to fall into the outsourcers hand since the outsourcer is able to serve the flexible requirement of the dynamic fluctuation of well developed personnel demand timely. Outsourcer can provide specialized personnel in every field to serve the requirement. Hence, the organization can focus on their strategy and business development to compete in the market.

The organization will enjoy many benefits of:-
- Lower the human resource management operating expenses.
- Accurate and efficient calculation of the incurring expense.
- Reduce the level of follow up responsibility of outsourced tasks.
- Be able to spend full time on focusing on policy management, the new services and develop strategy to compete in the market.
- Be able to utilize their staff at high efficiency
- Be able to limit their head count
- No limitation in expanding their staff to the central or provincial areas at all times.
- Increase the internal and external customer satisfaction.
- Be able to manage staff at the required standard performance.

Human resource works can be outsourced and expected the excellent result. The Human Resource Department can request the outsourcer to provide highly perform staff to meet the needs. The outsourcer can provide the rapid increase or decrease of staff level at all time. The outsourcer will also fill up the absent of some position such as PC, driver, to prevent any damage to the business. The service can be a short term or long term contract. The outsourcer will be responsible to all Labor law acts.

Outsourcer can also provide the service to handle the payroll activities. The service will cover the accurate calculation of salaries, premiums, over time and commissions. Salaries paid to the employees can be done through the bank with proper pay-slips including the tax deduction, social insurance and reports in a timely fashion.

3P Professional

The company is established to provide the outsourcing services to meet the all of the human resource work to support the nation wide staff requirement.

3P is providing fast action, up to date information, accurate calculation, on time and auditable works.
3P provide reports as required by law.
3P is insured by reputable insurance company and liable to cover for any damages caused by the errors from the staff.
3P is legally registered with Ministry of Labor as a recruiting company.
3P has continuously been providing services to government agencies, banks and state enterprises for a long time.
3P has full time staff stationed to cover and supervise nation wide.

The highly demand positions that 3P providing are, the Product Consultant (PC), Office Staff, Accountant, IT staff, Secretary, Administrative Officer, Operator, Messenger, Bill Collector, Godown Keeper and Driver.

We guarantee 100 % satisfaction.

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